Monday, 15 February 2016

Lapley's 'castle'

Park House, in Lapley
The castellated Park House, in the nice posh village of Lapley, would certainly be a dream place to live (I'd guess!). As you walk round the bend on a road from the village green, there it suddenly is...

I imagine that this thoroughfare in front of it must have been made public sometime after it was built; otherwise, the road is very strangely intrusive for such a grand house. However I don't know its history.

What I enjoy about scenes like this is that they are confirmation that sudden eccentric surprises are still simply part of the daily experience for visitors to villages in rural Staffordshire.


  1. I thinks this is the Grand house that George Singleton Tudor, built in abt 1860.
    Are you able to get more photos of this 'castle'
    would be very interested.
    Regards H. Tudor

  2. my friend used to own this house until recently

  3. Did you ever get to see the "castle".
    Was it very large inside?