Thursday, 25 April 2013

Canal crosses canal

The Hazlehurst Aqueduct by the Hollybush pub at Denford carries one canal over the top of another, and has been doing so since 1841, as the plaque indicates.
The fact that there is a plaque there, and the fine appearance of the aqueduct itself, gives a hint of the pride the engineers must have felt in building it.

Under it, according to the story recounted in Pint Sized History Of The Staffordshire Moorlands, James Brindley, who designed the structure, had one day come back to Denford to admire his work – and he caught a chill. He died of it.  Hmm.

Incidentally, don't confuse this structure with the Hazlehurst Junction bridges, which are further down the Caldon Canal.

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