Wednesday, 30 October 2013

HS2 protest on the road

Yesterday's report from the government (see: the proposed new high-speed west-coast rail line has provoked - as you'd guess - a lot of debate on the local radio and in the local papers.
Phase 1 of HS2 takes in southern Staffordshire, while Phase 2 would take in northern Staffordshire.

The debate is loud and furious, but the opposition voices are very well-drilled: I must admit that it's the first time that I've seen a small, local protest group, such as Marston Against HS2 (Marston is just a township), so organised as to get a promotional car out on the road...!

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  1. Why do you this they are taking the governmet to the high court down where I live. No one wants it but the Idiots seem to think we do