Saturday, 2 January 2016

Uttoxeter 'centaur'

Centaur sculpture in Uttoxeter

There was some controversy over the two new sculptures (either side of the Tesco store) that have been put up on the road into Uttoxeter. But I love them.

You might not see it well from this photo - but the statue is metal, and full of perforations which allow light through. This combination of metallic glint and pricks of light, which come glittering through, makes the sculpures terrific in my humble opinion.

The subject is in homage to the nearby Uttoxeter Racecourse, and is a half-man/half-horse, a 'centaur'. The other scupture is a bull.

Uttoxeter is not known for its high cultural profile - so these created some overdue credit for the town!

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