Thursday, 21 February 2013

Sixties record shop lives on

The Bevans Music Shop in Longton opened sometime in the mid 1960s, and is still going strong - but now under new management.

The former owner, Ellis Bevan, is something of a legend in the old town, and when I saw him last a couple of years ago, he was still proprietor of the shop - but surely must have been in his eighties(?) even then. He never updated the shop it seemed to me, and I half expected Freddie & The Dreamers (or some such ancient group) to be living out at the back.
He has retired now.

The new owner, Tom Mitchell, is something of a vinyl nut. You will find some CDs and even some tape-cassettes, but mostly it's a spreading mass of vinyl records, all round a battered sofa and Dansette record-player (on which one can play the discs).
He has kept on the name 'Bevans Music Shop' as a sort of tribute-cum-continuity thing.

The old listening booth was hauled out of the storage rooms. It doesn't work any more, but is installed there in the main shop now as a... well... sort of tribute-cum-continuity thing!

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