Friday, 29 March 2013

Graffiti marks the passing

Most urban/wild graffiti in Staffordshire is now removed as soon as it goes up - and I understand prosecutions have happened too - so you don't see much of it round here now, especially the more arty 'signatures'.

However, this subway, under the A38 at Shobnall, is a virtually abandoned one, more used for livestock than pedestrians I expect, and someone must have felt a little more at ease here to paint to their heart's content.
The colour is intense; and the blue/white image reminds of Matisse's paper cut-out pieces.

What I also like is the thought that, for this particular subway, the art is the permanent thing while the (virtually absent) pedestrians, and the artists, that have passed through are the ephemeral aspect, conspicuous by their absence.

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  1. It is interesting that some graffiti is a quick scrawl - from sgrafito, to scratch - and some is... art. Thanks for sharing this below grade crossing.