Tuesday, 23 April 2013

George & Dragon in trouble

Oh, the plight of the English pub!
On St George's Day today, I guess it's a good idea to reflect on the disappearance of so many of our pubs. An astonishing number of eighteen pubs a day are closing in this country.

I like pubs a lot, though I'll only have a pint or two on each visit; I won't stay all day.  And maybe it's people like me who are causing the demise; we just don't drink like we did in the old days. 
However, it's as well to remember that pubs have been diminishing in number since the 1870s, so it's not entirely a new phenomenon.

The George & Dragon at Rough Close has been closed for some years now, although a forlorn To Let sign is still erected on the roadside in the bid for some saviour to come along.

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  1. First off, love the look of the image but sad that yet another pub is closed. Secondly, just had a look through your photos...terrific. I just down the road in Coventry...just became your latest follower. Cheers!

    1. Thanks for the comments!

      I wasn't aware of a Coventry daily-photo site, so I shall be having a look at it....

  2. I can appreciate your interpretation of the theme. We have many fine old buildings here that need attention. Thanks for sharing!