Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Bass beer meets Staffs regiment

The 'Bass-Triangle story' is an amusing one, and has Staffordshire at its core....

When the Staffordshire Yeomanry regiment decided to adopt a new badge for its officers in 1941, a Major Eadie suggested it be placed on a triangle of red felt.  This idea was adopted - as you can see in the photo.
It transpired later that the red triangle is also a symbol of the Bass Brewing Company, also based in Staffordshire - where Major Eadie had worked in civilian life...! 
A happy coincidence?  Perhaps.

The story is told at The Museum of Staffordshire Yeomanry, which is Stafford town centre.  It's a small museum but one of the best - with clear labelling, some interactive stuff, and lots of maps and diagrams showing the Yeomanry's campaigns... including the WW2 desert campaign.   Really worth a visit.
What's more - it's free to get in... 

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  1. Sounds like a great place to visit