Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Get yer replica seals here...

The Staffordshire Archives Publications department sells lots of booklets, facsimile maps and objects of historical interest.  They pretty much all relate to Staffordshire of course.

However, at a stall where they were selling their stuff, I noticed these two replica seals. 
I am not sure what they might have to do with Staffordshire, and the Archives page about them does not make it clear.

The Civil War was fought quite bitterly in the county, and King Charles even stayed in Stafford one night – but what have these two seals specifically to do with Staffordshire?
I would very much like to know.


  1. Interesting, I thought CHarles the 1st ruled from Oxford during that time.

    1. I think you're right, but he had to travel a lot to rally the troops etc.
      I have tried to find out if the originals of these seals might have been used in Staffs - nbut no success.