Sunday, 14 July 2013

Old SCFC bus gets the attention

This old bus had pride of place at the Draycott Fayre Vintage Vehicle Rally this weekend - on a very, very hot day...

Unbelievable, as it is so small (holding only a two dozen seats), yet true -- this tiny bus was chosen as the open-top vehicle to carry the triumphant Stoke City team in parade around the city in 1972, after the team won the League Cup.
The bus company which owned it, Lymer's of Tean, simply took the centre-part of the roof off the bus, and the players squeezed up through the resulting hole.  It's rather different to what goes on in triumphal processions these days!
(If you don't believe me - check the photos from that day by clicking here)

The curent owner of the URE Fishtail, as it's known, is Ray Hine, who bought it; and restored it to its present condition.


  1. I presume the roof is now restored to original condition now. Nice bus. Check out my steam engine

    1. Cheers! Where would I find your steam engine?