Sunday, 28 July 2013

The accidental Roman villa

There are only three Roman villas in Staffordshire that have been discovered – and one is at Acton Trussell.

Amazingly, it was found by accident when a local archaeology club was seeking for medieval remains.  And, for the past thirty years, that group – the Penk Valley Archaeological Group – has continued to work on the site as best they can.
It’s quite heartening to think that amateurs still can contribute to such major finds.

Members of the group open up the site to visits from the public each weekend, and answer questions about the excavations as well as the history.
This weekend, it was the major event in Staffordshire to mark The Festival of Archaeology.

Link:  Acton Trussell Roman Villa 

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  1. Don't think a lot of finds would have found without amateur Archaeologists