Thursday, 11 July 2013

Trading since 1914 - and going strong

Williamsons is the most old fashioned – in a very nice way – shop that I think I’ve seen in a long while.
In fact, it doesn’t seem to have been changed since the 1950s... with its long glass cabinets all made of polished wood. (The cabinets actually date back to 1931).

Miss Oldcroft, who has been there since forever, runs it on behalf of the family. The present Williamson descendant lives away so she doesn’t come in all the time.
This same Williamson is the widow of Arthur Berry, the painter and writer – so that explains the small gallery upstairs dedicated to the artist's work.

Williamsons, which can be found in the centre of Longton, will celebrate its century of trading next year.  It trades mostly in jewellery, ornaments and photography equipment.
I wonder if any other shop in Staffordshire has been owned by the same family for one hundred years and is still trading...?

See: Williamsons - heritage site...


  1. Superb, lets hope it stays that way.

  2. I always enjoy going in this shop it's quite fascinating! I wondered why the exhibition of paintings was upstairs I did once pop up there to look at them, now I know:)