Friday, 9 August 2013

Going to school for 150 years (plus)

Staffordshire is full of primary schools that still use old Victorian buildings. All Saints School in Bednall, which is a very small village, is just one example.

But... is it something to celebrate?  The fact that one of the world's leading nations is sending its children to schools that are past their sell-by date seems absurd to me.

Yet, we English do celebrate it! 
The plaque on this school (under the window - sorry, I know you can't read it) has been installed especially to mark the school's 150th anniversary in 2006.  Bednall's children have been attending here since 1856.

Do we laugh, or weep?

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  1. Well it is nice to see the building still in use unlike a lot of village ones which have been closed down and converted to houses.