Sunday, 6 October 2013

Cold ... kiln

This structure is to be found in the fields near Eland Lodge at Newborough.  It seems rather abandoned - without even a track going to it - so I guess it isn't used much now.

My first assumption was that it was a kiln, but someone who knows about these things says it's a old cold-store (fridge) or ice-house.  However, I still think it's a kiln, and probably a brick-kiln.
It doesn't seem to be mentioned in Joy Ellis' history of the village.

There was some burnt wood in it there when I saw it, even though it was cold to the touch.  Maybe now, locals use it occasionally as a giant chiminea...?!


  1. Could be an ice house as they were shaped lik ethat and had a small door. Used to be one near me till they put a road through it, only the name remains "Ice House Hill"

    1. Wow... well, here's a coincidence... because Newborough also has an Ice House Hill. So maybe it is an ice-house