Monday, 25 November 2013

A crooked pub

Yes, this pub is literally tipsy. One end is actually four feet higher than the other, because the sunken end is dipping into subsidence. 
There are odd optical illusions that occur - like seeing a marble roll over a table upwards, and grandfather clocks that appear to be ever on the verge of falling over.

Actually, the weird thing is that The Crooked House was declared unsafe (not surprisingly) in 1940.  But a local brewery decided it would be fun to preserve it - and sure enough, despite its remote location, it has been a tourist attraction ever since. 
Regular checks are carried out to ensure it's not slipping dangerously...


  1. Look at the size of the buttress at the end. Serving & drinking in the pub must be interesting

  2. How amazing. I have really enjoyed your photo and reading about this most unusual pub.

  3. Glad to hear they do regular checks on it. I really love this, thank you so much for sharing.