Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Just missed it at the Floral Hall

Cafe at the Floral Hall,Tunstall

With photography, you often wonder what 'might have been'.  This could have been a great photo, but the people are out of symmetry to the window-frame; and I didn't realise at the time that a poster is coming out of the girl's head.  Ah well.

The shot was taken in the cafe at the Floral Hall, the slightly old-fashioned pavilion & dance-hall sited deep in Tunstall Park.  I like going there; it's quiet, and the atmosphere makes one feel one is being transported back to the 1950s.
But the volunteers who run the cafe are cheerfully casual and friendly.


  1. It still makes for a good slice of life shot, a grandpa and his little ones.

    On a rainy day, but that's to be expected in the UK.

    1. haha... yes, rainy days are definitely a local hazard!