Thursday, 8 May 2014

Jacobeans do Elvis, almost

Tomb of Robert Meverell, Ilam

Yet another ancient hair-cut to astound!  Why the Jacobean gentry thought it was a good idea to sport a quiff, as does this gentleman (Robert Meverell, entombed in Ilam Church), is hard to guess.   But then - who ever understands the vagaries of fashion anyway?

This is not the only 'Burton Peak' hair-style (as this cut was known) that you will find on a tomb in Staffordshire.  There's a rather handsome one in Forton too.

(There's a rather nice set of reflections about Ilam Church in The Corners of My Mind blog)

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  1. Very elaborate work on that tomb.

  2. Well, bless my soul, I'm all shook up!

    1. Ha ha! I should have checked to see if he were wearing blue suede shoes