Thursday, 31 July 2014

New chips on the block

'New Chips On The Block' fish & chip shop

It's a mystery... but there are two types of businesses that seem to insist on having puns in their name - fish & chip shops and hairdressers.  In Staffordshire there are hundreds of them: The Codfather; Alias Quiff & Combs, Head-Turners; Our Plaice etc etc

This fish & chip takeaway in Blythe Bridge has managed to go further - and work two puns into its name of 'New Chips On The Block'. 
It is also a literal description, as the shop was taken over by new management recently.

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  1. Perfect choice for England. Hope they are good.

  2. It looks a traditional kind of place with limited opening hours which is usually a good sign

  3. It doesn't seem to transfer over here, in putting puns into a food shop or a hairdresser. Pubs, sometimes, though.

  4. Good old fish and chips from a take away shop. :)

  5. Puns make the names more interesting!!

  6. So true, and does seem to be mostly a UK thing. I'm originally from The Midlands, and going back to my youth, every town had pun related shops, but nothing as good as the Codfather. New Chips on Block, gotta hand it to them, is pretty good.

  7. Great post on the theme - I like the list of names with puns.

  8. Here in North America, it's hairdressers, espresso stands, and bars. (Such as the many bars that are named The Office, so you can tell your wife you're going to The Office...)

    But I wouldn't mind a British-style chip shop in my town. Miss that.

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