Saturday, 27 September 2014

Simply a megalith for virgins

'Webb Stone' in Bradley

A simple stone, all on its own, decorating the entrance to a household drive...?  So it appears.
But the truth is never as simple as it looks. Around this ordinary-looking boulder weaves a web of legend.

This mysterious 'Webb Stone' in Bradley has many legends associated with it, mostly to do with virgins and livestock (aren't they all??).  It is even said to spin round occasionally - giving it its other title of The Wanderer -, though no one has lived to report a sighting of such.
Its 'proper' history indicates that it may (or may not) have come from a local, ancient stone-circle, now dispersed, or perhaps was a Saxon boundary stone. There are certainly other similar stones (all glacial boulders) to be seen elsewhere in this village.

Rather incongruously, it sits forlornly by the side of the road, unlabelled. Though... unmoved.


  1. It certainly does provide some visual interest!

  2. Who would have thought. Interesting story.

  3. I like using natural objects like this in my photos. We have some amazing rocks in our area that were dug up when the vineyards were planted. Beautiful job.

  4. I wouldn't mind having a stone with such an interesting story attached in my garden Mark, what a conversation piece.. can just imagine that conversation :)

  5. A stone is perfect for the theme day, but legend about it, is complexing.