Friday, 31 October 2014

It doesn't frighten me...

Lichfield Cathedral 'grotesque'

There's a very fine line, when it comes to monsters, between terrifying and plain silly.
This dragon figure on the east end of Lichfield Cathedral is a case in point.  Because some of the very old 'grotesques', as they're called, had crumbled away, the cathedral authorities decided to replace them a couple of years ago - but in a  "21st Century style".
However, frankly, this figure doesn't look so much like an ancient guardian, warding off evil spirits, as a character from a child's computer game.
In my humble opinion.

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  1. Ghostbusters comes to mind. I'd have him for a pet

  2. I like grotesques and gargoyles; this one does look a bit too fresh at the moment to feel part of the work as a whole.

  3. It's a bit creepy on a Cathedral.

  4. The Chinese like lions to protect the building.