Sunday, 5 October 2014

The Spode who got the girl

Josiah Spode III monument in Stoke Minster

Josiah Spode was one of the great potters of the eighteenth century, who, alongside men like Wedgwood, made the Potteries famous. 
Yet, this grand and rather overwhelming monument in Stoke Minster is for his grandson - Josiah Spode III (who is largely unremarked in the history books).  In fact, as far as I can see JS III only ran the business for two years.

Still, to have a grieving maiden weep over your death for nearly two centuries is some sort of achievement I suppose...


  1. The work of the carver is outstanding!

  2. Beautiful memorial. A lady called Janet Wedgewood used to live in our village at the time I did not realise she was related