Saturday, 28 February 2015

Walking Dead in Blythe Bridge

Walking Dead display in Blythe Bridge Library

Such is the fashion among teenagers for zombies and their ilk that this library decided a good way to get them in was by putting up a lurid Walking Dead books display.
It is very different to the displays that were in my library as a child - usually of something like 'women's costume in the seventeenth century' - which seem very dull by comparison...

Incidentally, Blythe Bridge Library is one of those being downgraded in the latest local authority cuts.  Very soon, there will be no librarian or paid staff on-site, though there might be a volunteer or two staffing the desk.

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  1. Libraries are one of those things that should be left alone, but governments bent on cuts don't care about such things.

    That is quite a zombie fix for those who like the genre... admittedly it's not for me.