Wednesday, 3 June 2015

A 'known unknown' structure

Brick structure near  Calwich Abbey Hall

The footpath through Ellastone & Calwich takes one past this stone structure standing at the end of a bridge.  It might be historic, as it was probably on the estate of Calwich Abbey Hall (two hundred yards away), which has a long history anyway.
Was it a small gatehouse?

However, it seems to serve no purpose now.
What I like about that is that the estate's owners have just left it alone.  Or maybe they couldn't be bothered to do anything other, than leave it alone....


  1. Could be a pump house or even a WWII pillbox looking at the small embrasures

    1. Actually, maybe it is a pump house: it is right next to the stream. The bridge runs over the stream

  2. It is nice that it's been left in place. I like it.