Friday, 3 July 2015

Micro pub

Crossways MicroPub

A micro-pub is one that looks back to the very (very) old days - being more like a drinking parlour or beer-shop rather than the 'gastro-pub' so prevalent today. 
And, it's quite a new (if very old) concept...

The Crossways MicroPub in the centre of Blythe Bridge is, as you can see, pretty basic.  It's just an unadorned room, with no piped music - and with low prices (£2.80 a pint!).  The most exciting thing on offer, apart from the excellent (Peakstones Brewery) beer is ... card-games.

Will micro-pubs succeed?  The Crossways has only just opened, so it hasn't had to take on an English winter yet... but, yes, there is interest from the town.

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