Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Matching the mismatching

Mismatching crockery

Catching up with fads can be a puzzle.  At the trendy Spout Cafe in Leek we sat at shabby chic tables, and were served tea in mismatching crockery.  It was explained to me by my companion that this was not a careless mistake, but is the very latest way to present accessories in avant-garde eating-out venues.

I'm told it's something to do with: retro / vintage / [ place your own word here... ]. 


  1. You mean it was bought second hand from a local junk shop. I love how everything now is becoming Pre loved or retro. Face it the stuff was thrown out because some else did not want it and someone else put it to good use. Mind you I do like the idea and the stuff does not look out of place.