Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Too graphic for church?

The Annunciation panel at Saint Edward Confessor Church

This curiously sexual wooden panel relief can be seen in the Lady Chapel of Saint Edward Confessor Church at Leek.  The church is the grand old lady of Leek and is fascinating for any visitor, especially anyone who likes stained-glass.

I thought this depiction of The Annunciation was rather graphic for a church (or am I just old-fashioned?), so I bought the guide to find out when it had been done, and by whom.  It's actually quite a fine piece of work anyway.
However... the guide does not mention this piece at all. I wonder if the wardens preferred not to draw attention to it?


  1. It does seem a bit, well... inappropriate! Makes you wonder if someone made a sizable donation a couple hundred years back on the condition that this sculpted work be included.

    1. Yes, that explanation does sound plausible!
      I have noticed though in some churches, that former vicars have had advanced artistic views, and the congregations get 'stuck' with the artworks after the vicar leaves. Which I guess is also a possible explnanation.