Saturday, 28 May 2016

Threatening land-owner

Threatening notice on public footpath

This is the sort of thing that really gets my goat.  A selfish land-owner (near Ashley) has put up a threatening notice on a public footpath warning walkers not to use the path.

Of course I understand that land-owners don't always want strangers on their land, but the fact is that these are established common routes - by law - and the owner must have bought the land (or inherited it) knowing that a right of way existed across it.  So they need to learn to live with the fact and adapt.
Secondly, ramblers and farmers have one common aim - to protect the countryside. What farmers don't grasp is that, by being aggressive to walkers, they are making enemies where they should be making friends.


  1. The cannot stop people using the footpath, think it is against the law

  2. It doesn't appear that the land owner is even taking care of their own property as it is.

  3. I thought that was illegal in England. Seems I heard there was a whole political movement about that in the late 20th century.

    That's the sort of thing you have to stay on top of; landowners like this need to be cited _immediately_ when they post such signs. At the very least a visit from the constable and a gentle review of public rights. You let owners start encroaching again, and you end up in the same situation that required the walkers' movement in the first place.

    Here in North America, where mindless selfishness is the universal rule among landowners, I'm deeply envious of nations such as England that've put reigns to it. It would be sad indeed if our attitudes became the norm there as well.

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