Monday, 13 February 2012

Bow Street Runner - Bolshevik style

The Bow Street Runner pub in Tamworth was given a Russian theme some years ago, being billed at the town’s first ‘vodka bar’.
Yet, the Russian hammer & sickle seems to me strangely at odds with the heritage name of the pub. (The ‘Bow Street Runners’ were the precursors of England’s formal police force – which, in turn, was founded 200 years ago by the town’s then MP, Robert Peel).
And so this pub-sign looks very odd indeed.

But, branding moves on, so the sign may be due a new look in the near future as the pub’s disco has recently been re-named ‘Decadence’.

I wonder what a new sign with that theme would look like!

Link: Bow Street Runner  


  1. Yes, Bow Street Runner, Banks, Hammer & Sickle, can't quite see the connection!

  2. A vodka bar? I sure don't mind a bit of the hair of the dog, but vodka smells and tastes like paint thinners. Putting my taste in booze aside, great story Mark.

  3. I always enjoy looking at pub signs, rare to see one as unconnected from the name as this, usually the name is updated too.

  4. Yes I too do not really get the connection. Bow Street Runner is a good name, especially with the Peel connection.