Monday, 17 June 2013

Earth, air, fire, water ... and spirit

The five elements of classical times were earth, air, fire, water and spirit.  To celebrate the solstice this month, the City Daily Portal website asked its members to put together photos incorporating those elements together.

My own entry is this one of a fishing pool in mid-Staffordshire.  I've cheated a bit by using the fire of the setting sun (which lights the reeds)...
And the spirit? of the ghosts of those anglers who once sat here, 'en plein air', enjoying the countryside.

See other photos on the CDP website celebrating the five elements


  1. Bautiful photo with this elements. I also see some nice shadows from the trees

  2. Beside having all the five elements included, this photo is amazing...

  3. Mark, I was surprised to see this just now. I have a post scheduled for June 20th which is very similar to yours!! When you see it, you will agree I think. I love the look of the reeds; I don't think you "cheated because it makes perfect sense! We must have kindred spirits.

  4. I like the light in this shot. The descending sun casts a magical glow in the golden hour. Nice shot for the theme.