Friday, 7 March 2014

Horrifying statue

Statue of Christina Collins at Stone

To me, this carving is one of the most horrifying sights in the whole county.  It stands in a secluded spot on the far side of the canal in Stone - and it is quite unmarked, with no sign to explain what it is, which almost makes the more horrifying.

The piece remembers the murder of Christina Collins, a young woman who was raped and killed by some boatmen as she travelled with them on a narrowboat along the canal in the nineteenth century.  Her body was found in the water further south, at Rugeley.

This terrifying sculpture, with its twisted neck, naked torso, missing arms, large pudenda and strange jagged line down its centre, seems to point to the agony of her last hours; and I find it difficult to look at.

It is sobering reminder - on the day before International Women's Day - of the horrors that women go through.  

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