Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Lord Of The Rings on the bridge

View from Essex Bridge toward the River Trent and the River Sow

In The Lord Of The Rings, by JRR Tolkien, the village of Tavrobel has in it a bridge at which two rivers meet.  Tolkien's son Christopher has confirmed that the site is based on the real village of Great Haywood, here in Staffordshire.
Tolkien lived near here for a while as he recuperated after a stint in the trenches in World War One.

This view from the famous Essex Bridge looks toward the River Trent (on the right) and the River Sow (on the left). 

There is also a canal tucked away a little behind all that greenery - the start of the Staffs & Worcester - but I don't suppose an Old English scholar would have wanted to include that aspect...


  1. I can imagine the influence for him. The rivers look peaceful.

  2. Never heard of that one but then I only ever read LOTR & The Hobbit. The last book the Simarilian I felt was a load of Drivle but then Christopher put that together from what his fater left. After that I was put off reading any more Tolkien

    1. Secretly, I agree with you.
      I only read The Hobbit - and just that was enough to put me off. (But don't tell anyone, or I shall be hauled up in front of the Tolkien police)