Saturday, 12 September 2015

Goat-style helmet

Helmet in Blithfield Church

Following on from my last post, about the Abbots Bromley Horn Dance, I thought I'd publish this photo.

All around Abbots Bromley you'll see the figure of a goat.  This is because the local lords of the manor, the Bagot Family, has overseen the development of a special breed of goat (now called the Bagot Goat) for over 600 years (true!).  
The family, which lives at nearby Blithfeld Hall, adopted the symbol of the goat as part of their coat-of-arms and crest in medieval times.

Apparently, the helmet in this photo (taken in Blithfield Church) actually belonged to the 14th century holder of the estate.  Well, maybe. 
It looks rather sinister to me - but perhaps that's the point...


  1. Could be what they call a Mort helm, put on the deceased when laid out for people so pay their respect to for the last time

    1. I don't know that term, but something like that must be its purpose, I agree. It is far too unwieldy for any practical use, surely...