Sunday, 22 March 2015

Parliament's gift

Angel sculpture at Pattingham Church

You'll find this little angel just outside the main door of Pattingham Church.  It's not a very distinguished piece, but it does have an inscription on its base: "From the Houses of Parliament. Presented by Mr Geoffrey Max... MP 1934"
But... what is doing out there on its own?  Why is this 'special gift' not carefully mounted inside the church itself?

Hmm. I have a theory.
It's not a very good sculpture. so I suspect that the church wardens were not terrifically pleased to be given it.  What to do with it? - they thought.         Answer: ... oh, just stick it outside, up against a wall!
It's just a theory - but I like it.  Seems to fit the facts...

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  1. Oddly, that would probably be the case. It might do well inside a library.