Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Squirrel stand-off

Squirrels seem to be confused by the weather this winter.  Apart from the week of snow we had in December, it has been relatively mild, and on my walks I have seen squirrels a-plenty darting about. A neighbour of mine curses them for being out and ripping up the flower-bulbs in her garden.
But shouldn’t they have been in hibernation?

This guy is one of the incredibly tame squirrels that zip around the paths and trees outside Tamworth Library.  Someone leaves out nuts for them, and the local cats seem to ignore them, so they are just unafraid. In fact, this chap just stood and stared at me in a sort of human vs squirrel stand-off.

This photo was featured on the My Town Shoot-Out Photo-Blog


  1. Definitely looks like he or she was posing for the camera!

  2. I too was not sure of the answer so I looked it up. Neither red nor grey squirrel hibernates here in the UK. Though apparently if weather really bad they sit in their drey for a while before re-appearing.

    1. Interesting - thanks for that. So the story about 'squirrels gathering nuts' is not, as I thought, to make a supply for them when they wake up - but simply to keep them going through winter. I suppose!