Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Strangeness in Stafford centre

The strange designs and skilful workmanship that can be found at St Chad's church, in Stafford town centre, are really fascinating. The early-medieval carvings, both inside and outside the church, are so intricate that they could only have been done by professional, travelling masons.

The masons' names are forgotten now, but the founder of the church, a man called Orm, has his involvement inscribed in the stones inside.

As I said, the church is slap bang in the town centre, and is usually open on Saturdays.  If you go in then you'll find that the external stone pillars shown in this photo are just the start of some amazing & strange sights.

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  1. I love this sort of artistry. Amazing skill to create something like that. Well maintained too!

  2. Can you imagine the effort needed to keep tools sharp before hardened tool steel? Knowing when to stop and sharpen the tools would have been a big part of the craft of these artisans. And then there's the whole visual art aspect to consider! An excellent contribution to the theme.