Sunday, 11 January 2015

Beware the scooter

Pedestrianised Cannock

Does Cannock have the most pedestrianised town-centre in the country?  I wonder.  It has an expanse of unbroken re-brick paving (such as above) for what seems could be half-a-mile square...

You'd think that this means that people can wander safely. In fact, the unintended consequence is that riders of disabled scooters can freely whizz all over the place; and one has to be almost as careful of being hit by them as one might be by a car!
Outside cafes, the scooters are lined up by their owners, like horses tied up outside a Wild West saloon.


  1. It tends to be more rare to see such scooters here in the winter, though I've seen that kind of driving behaviour by certain users.

  2. I'll say watch out, dam things should be banned. They can be a mennace to people walking around the streets

    1. These scooters can move remarkably fast too....