Sunday, 21 August 2011

Angel of Burslem

The so-called Angel Of Burslem - atop the now-closed town-hall, which is back behind these roofs - dominates this town built on a hill.
She shimmers golden in what is, frankly, a grey Victorian townscape; and "it is said" (by whom, one wonders) that Burslem's fortunes will depend on her remaining where she is. Not that she is dong much of a job; Burslem's fortunes could be said to be at a nadir.

Actually, she's not really an angel; she's actually Nike, the goddess of victory in battle. I can't think why the local council thought that Nike was an apt choice when she was erected in 1854.

(Just an aside: as soon as I hear the phrase Angel Of Burslem, my mind immediately hears an echo of Angel Of Harlem - the U2 song. Just me then?... I suppose).

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