Sunday, 28 August 2011

Buddhists at Kings Bromley

Yes, there is a Buddhist monastery in Staffordshire. It's not well-known, and is actually a retreat for monks, not a public place of worship, but they do have open-days now and again when the monks (mostly from Thailand) are gently welcoming. They do courses too.

And this is not really a 'temple' I suppose. This worship area is, er, actually a former conservatory in a large Victorian house lying just outside the village of Kings Bromley.

The village has embraced the monks, and works with them to put on occasional Thai-themed festivals on the playing fields - with handicrafts, Thai boxing, Thai costumes etc.

I was reminded of Buddhavihara, as it's called, when I saw the recent BBC TV programme on the wonders of the Buddhist world. Unsurprisingly perhaps, they overlooked Staffordshire's claim.

Links: Buddhavihara / British-Thai Fayre / BBC: Wonders of the Buddhist World


  1. What a beautiful, ornate, golden "temple" you showed us! From the thumbnail, I thought you were in Thailand on vacation.....
    Kind regards from EAGAN daily photo

  2. Interesting in Winchester I think the city appears to cater for Christians only, although I probably need to do a bit more digging