Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Quarry-watching, a new pastime

The quarry environment at Freehay (named Croxden Quarry, oddly) draw a lot of people - walkers and bird-watchers mostly, who can walk around the diggings area, though they are not supposed to trespass into the working area, obviously.

And I think it's great that the quarrying company, Tarmac, has created a bonus for them by providing custom-made viewing platforms, like the one in this photo.
Obviously, it makes the site safer: by stopping the curious wandering on to the working part of the site to see what's going on, but it still shows some public awareness by the company.

However, hmm, why anyone would want to sit and watch diggers at work is a mystery to me!

Though I guess the need to sit and watch is more comprehensible in the case of bird-watchers.

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  1. An unusal place to sit and watch, would be a nice walk though. Have added your blog to my list Mark ;-)