Monday, 16 January 2012

Alice In Wonderland

The New Vic Theatre’s Christmas-play Alice In Wonderland has been playing to packed houses, even at the evening sessions; and its season isn’t over yet. 

I assumed, when I saw the bar was packed with adults as the evening started, that all the kids had already gone in. But, nope – the auditorium was 90% adults too. It sems the kids prefer the daily matinees, which are also nearly sell-outs.

I guess the interest from adults is down to the clever illusions in the production. It’s all, er, obvious how the trickery is done, but somehow one believes in it, because the director really gets the actors to believe in it too, and it's kinda like mass-hypnosis…
Personally though, I must say I thought the performance was all a bit fast and furious. However, I guess if I was nine years old, I’d have loved it a lot more. Which is the point, after all!

Alice In Wonderland plays at the New Vic (near Newcastle-under-Lyme) until the 21st.

Link: Alice In Wonderland review

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