Sunday, 8 January 2012

A most mysterious place

Lud’s Church – in the ‘Dark’ Peak District - is a very odd place.  It’s a natural rock chasm, about one hundred yards in length and fifty feet in depth.  Two people can just about walk abreast along it, and, as you can guess with such a narrow and deep cleft, little direct sunlight ever penetrates, so its sides are covered in moss.

There are all sorts of legends about it, including the fact that it might be the main setting for the medieval poem Gawain And The Green Knight, but, for me, it’s just the being there that is so impressive.

Mind you, if you do go there, I’d wait until it dries out. The constant rain of the last fortnight has turned its bottom into a quagmire.

Links: Gawain Poem / A Walk to Lud's Church and back

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  1. Oh! What a beautiful place! I haven't ever heard of Gawain and the Green Knight. Sounds very interesting. I will have to look it up now. - We have recently been watching the show "Monarchy" and have gotten all the way up to Henry the VIII. We love learning about y'alls/our history!