Thursday, 12 January 2012

Birthplace of the famous?

The Parks Country Inn near Uttoxeter is a rather nice place to eat, for those who can afford it.
I was told once that it was the birthplace of one of the Bamfords, the family that owns JCB (the world-famous firm that makes earth-moving equipment, based in Uttoxeter) – but I can’t find confirmation of that on the internet. Yet.

I was just reminded of this ongoing puzzle by the news recently that JCB has opened a Story Of JCB exhibition at its factory in Rocester. Sadly, the exhibition is not, generally, open to the public.

Link: The Story Of JCB opens


  1. What a fantastic building with wonderful architectural details!

  2. This is very neat to see and has sent me on a quick jaunt across the internet to find the difference between Tudor and Elizabethan architecture.

    1. Hi Rachel. I'm afrid this building is a bit of a clever deception - which I should have pointed out when I made the original post. It's not original Tudor but an example of 'stockbroker tudor', a revival of the style in the 1920s and 30s. It featured in some expensive homes.
      This stuff is all over England - though, on Wikipedia, it says it started in America!

  3. LOL that it started in America! We recently visited a very old friend's house (they don't live there anymore) and it is a Tudor style. My daughter says that it is her favorite type of house now. - Yes, I thought that it looked too neat and the lines were too straight to be an original Tudor, but you never know what miracles they can preform while refurbishing buildings these days!

  4. I heard it was Bamfords old dwelling, if it is maybe they should be stepping in to save it! As an application to demolish it and build homes has been presented ...Crying shame to lose this building! Andy B