Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Shining stone

This unusual art-work – in the Black Brook, near Shenstone – usually can only be seen under the surface of the stream, shimmering there on the bed like an apparition under the ripples, and, yes, that was the artist’s intention. It is called ‘Shining Stone’, and is made of stainless steel.
Sculptor Jo Naden, who made it back in 2002, wanted it to fit in with this part of the surrounding Lammas Land countryside, which has a history back to Celtic times. So I guess she wanted it to appear a bit mystical.

However, the level of the stream has fallen, due to the general lack of rainwater, and now the piece stands exposed, looking rather forlorn.  (This lack of rain has been going on for some time, and all rivers, on average, are falling).

Incidentally, the piece was stolen in 2010, so, after it was recovered, it was re-installed in the brook with a secure fixing on it.

Shenstone, the name of the nearby town, itself means beautiful or shining stone.

Link: Jo Naden's Shining Stone

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