Friday, 9 March 2012

Picture House

A while ago I posted a photo of the frontage of The Picture House pub in Stafford, and I was asked if I’d put up some more pictures of it.

The Wetherspoons chain, which owns the pub, has sensitively developed the building, which, yes, was once the town’s cinema, The Picture House. It first started showing movies just under a hundred years ago.

Now, both exterior and interior are reminders of the building’s silver-screen past. 

Even the soft lighting looks to me as though it's based on the old fixtures and fittings.

The shape of the large auditorium has been retained, and even the wood-panelled box office has kept its place.
On the walls are photos of the greats of Hollywood’s past – Greta Garbo, Gene Kelly, Clark Gable, and Tracey & Hepburn.

It’s a good place to spend a little time here with a pint (or a coffee) just reminiscing about those old days of the cinema…

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