Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Memorial to a slaughter

War memorials very often take the form of a statue of a ‘Tommy Atkins’ soldier from the First World war, just like this one in the centre of Biddulph (in north Staffordshire). 

The slaughter of the 1914-18 conflict is highlighted by the fact that double the amount of names are recorded for the First World War on this monument as for the Second.


  1. Hello, I found an old photograph of my great grandfathers and it looks like this statue. Can you tell me anything else about this statue and the names on it. V. Ryan

    1. Hi Val.
      This type of war memorial - showing a typical 'Tommy' soldier of the time - is quite common in Britain, but the pose can be subtly different accrding to how the sculptor fashioned it, so I guess if it looks the same, it could well be the one in your photo.

      The memorial shown shown here is sited on a fork in the road in the town centre of Biddulph on a base that is (I'd guess) about six feet high. Did your great grandfather have connections with North Staffordshire?