Sunday, 18 March 2012

Greatest of Gothic Revival

Augustus Welby Pugin was, by any standards, a great architect and designer. In just twenty years of professional life (he died aged just 39), he built over a hundred churches in early nineteenth century Britain.
He led the so-called ‘Gothic Revival’ - and his greatest work is St Giles RC Church at Cheadle, aka ‘Pugin’s Gem', which is here in Staffordshire.

Which is why Cheadle is furiously commemorating the 200th anniversary of the man’s birth – even though he wasn’t born here, didn’t live here, and didn’t die here!
(To be fair he did contribute to, or create, a number of other great buildings round the town, including parts of Alton Towers).
For the rest of 2012, there will be loads of events, and Pugin’s Gem itself will be open more often than not to visitors. I would visit if I were you; it’s a knock-out church with an overwhelming eye-wateringly ornate interior.

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  1. A fascinating post and great photo- I had not heard of him so it was great to learn something Mark.