Friday, 30 March 2012

Stafford Knot - railway style

The ‘Stafford Knot’ is the symbol of Staffordshire - as I like to point out in this blog quite frequently!  The symbol is at least 500 years old (though some argue its origins go back a thousand years). Everywhere round here that a reference to the county comes up in a graphic form, you’re likely to see the Knot.

These old gates mark the entrance to a railway property in Stoke, which would have been owned by the North Staffordshire Railway Company up to the company's demise in the last century. The NSR used the Knot as a proud statement of its origins.

Link: Stafford Knot


  1. The North Staffordshire Railway Company (NSRC) used to be known as The Knotty, or "Owd Knotty" in the Potteries dialect. There is now a new NSRC which has preserved part of the Old Knotty in the very scenic Churnet Valley and runs a preserved steam and diesel railway service between Kingsley & Froghall and Cheddleton most weekends,

    I also seem to have unwittingly become the 13th follower of this blog ...

    1. Yes, I've travelled that line; it is indeed beautiful scenery