Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Cat loving nation

The English are an animal loving nation, so they say. This sign on a back-road in Alrewas seems to prove the point!

Incidentally, and sadly, the amount of badgers which get knocked down on Staffordshire's rural roads is phenomenal. Such road-kill is a common sight.
Is it because badgers are too lumbering and slow for traffic to avoid them? Or is it because farmers (most of whom hate badgers) gun for them as soon as they see them?


  1. I did not realise that. What is the population of badgers in the UK? Are they on any level of the endangered list, do you know? I must read up on the type of damage they cause. Farmers can be a terribly self-centred and materialistic lot, given the chance.

  2. Hi - thanks for the comment Julie.
    It's not completely proven, but it's thought that badgers pass tuberculosis on to cattle - and the cattle die.
    Many farmers in Britain would like to see a widespread cull of badgers that live in dairy-cattle areas, which, as you can guess, is causing a huge debate here.

  3. Oh excellent! Will show your blog to my cat Rio.

  4. Well spotted, I love this sign.
    Terrible news about the badgers though. I suspect that they may well struggle when they try to carry out the mass killing of native wildlife. I think part of the problem with the bTB is that some farmers believe cattle movement restrictions do not apply to them. I say this as someone who had a rural upbringing and I am very sympathetic to the current problems that farmers face today.
    Paul at Leeds daily photo