Saturday, 16 July 2011

Muslim celebration

The annual Urs Mubarak celebration is under way at the Darbar Unique Centre in Fenton.
Usually, there are hundreds of bright glittering silken flags, almost tinselly in their shininess, covered in quotations from the Qu'ran and coloured green, the colour of Islam. This year, I'm told, most of the pennants are made of plastic, because the silken flags get ruined in our weather - albeit it's summer...

Orthodox Muslims aren't sure what to make of the holy man, the Pir (saint) Pandariman, who is at the centre of these celebrations, and who lives here. Sure enough, he attracts thousands of devotees, but he's in the Sufi-mystic tradition of Islam, which is a bit way-out for a lot of local Muslims.

Link - BBC: The Saint of Fenton / Darbar Unique centre


  1. Wow. Is there a place to go to see the Sufi mystic? I missed the celebration.

  2. He's there all the time in Fenton, and has been since he was a boy. You can go see him whenever you like, though I'm not sure whether it's best to make an appointment.

  3. To see him you will have to pay around £60-70 for 15 mintues.

  4. My dad passed away last year this sufi told me that he has took my dad to jannath on the same day that he passed away.

  5. Saint Pandariman is a simple person who has dedicated his life to improving the lives of people regardless of religion or colour. His mission is to promote peace and harmony amongst all people. He is a humanitarian who is loved and revered by thousands of people.