Thursday, 14 July 2011

Bowling with WG Grace

Statue, 'Waiting To Bowl', of WG Grace

Playing bowls is pretty popular in these days. As the bowls whizz by, the spectators take it all in; and the bowling green at Victoria Park in Stafford seems packed with players in the current sunny summer days.

The statue, 'Waiting To Bowl', is actually of WG Grace, who was not only a famous cricketer, but a bowling fan too.


  1. Oh yeah, what could be more British! Welcome to the CDP family!

  2. Fascinating photo and info- welcome to CDP- My blog on Manchester and environs reaches your northern most borders, stopping at south Cheshire;-)


  3. That bloke with the beige jacket has nearly the same stance as WG.

    Welcome from me, too.

  4. Well! Thanks for the welcomes! I feel right at home...